Breezeway Coffee Roasters is a family-owned, small-batch coffee roaster based in Indian Trail, NC.  Our mission is to share our love of coffee, with passionate attention to detail in the preparation of each and every roast, earning the loyalty of our customers and partners.



A breezeway is a safe connection between nearby places. This connection is symbolic of the many connections that coffee offers. 

Having coffee is a great way to connect you to someone else, whether it’s a friend or a family member, or someone you just met. 

Coffee connects us to the farmers that grow the coffee. We get to appreciate their hard work and commitment to producing the world's finest coffees by properly roasting and brewing their coffees.

Coffee connects us to memories of our family, childhood, friends or places we’ve been. Everyone has memories of a grandparent, an aunt, or their mom and dad brewing coffee as a way for families to have conversation.

As Breezeway Coffee was founded on the principle of connection, we highly value the connection with our Creator. All of our talents and gifts come from our Creator. We honor that by using these gifts, paired with a divinely inspired vision to build a world-class coffee roasting company.
Β© Carlos Vargas
Coffee beans are the seeds of a fruit. Our goal is to create a roast profile to bring those fruit notes into the cup without a heavy roast present. This accentuates the natural nuance and flavor present in coffee seeds. We are very intentional about roasting our coffee to highlight the fruit notes. 

Controlling air flow, or the "breeze", during the roasting process is vital to create fruit forward coffees.
Our symbol is a palm tree and it represents the equator of the earth where coffee is grown. Palm trees are symbollic of resilience, peace, victory and tranquility. Watching a palm tree blow in the breeze makes the soul feel at peace. 
Early Christians used the palm branch to symbolize the victory of the faithful over enemies of the soul, as in the Palm Sunday festival celebrating the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

Our branding is a throwback fueled by our love of old cars, motels and buildings. You'll see a thread of Americana in everything that we produce.